IoRL at EuCNC 2018

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IoRL had an exhibition booth at EuCNC 2018, presented a poster and had a joint paper with several other 5G PPP phase two projects. The project also contributed to the Workshop on Vertical Industries & Services for 5G concerning the media vertical.

The discussions during EuCNC revealed that there is considerable synergy with the 5G City project. The cornerstone concept of 5G City is the concept of neutral host at the edge, or at the far edge of the network. It was recognised that the intelligent home IP gateway, a key component of the IoRL architecture is representing a collection of resources and functionalities that can act as a neutral host, and upon first assessment there seems to be also a clear business incentive also to exploit the intelligent home IP gateway in such a fashion.

Another interesting and promising discussion run at the event was with Zodiac Aerospace, a provider of integrated solutions for commercial aircraft cabin systems, including information and entertainment. The use of visible light communication is very interesting in this market and solutions using this technology are perceived as superior or preferred solutions. This is because visible light communication avoids RF interference, which is considered to be critical on board and is heavily regulated.

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